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How many users have opened your offer? With us, you get this data and other interesting information.

Why join us?

You can really reach everyone

Especially the high % of customers who are not reachable by conventional paper leaflets, catalogues and, of course, the significant number of customers who are switching from printed forms of leaflets to electronic ones.

5 M

5 M unique visitors

In the last 12 months we have recorded 5 M unique visitors.

196 K

196 K opening of leaflets

Just in the last month our users have opened 196 K flyers.

55 K

55 K registered users

We know the favourite shops of 55 K users who return to us regularly.

Wide range


We will publish your store offer on the offermate.co.uk website and on our partners' websites, e.g. kimbino.co.uk, the Kimbino mobile app for Android, Huawei, iOS.

Interesting data

You'll get interesting marketing data: user demographics, the success rate of individual leaflets or the time visitors spend reading your leaflets.

Campaign optimization

Campaign results are available almost immediately. You can measure and evaluate all your leaflets and catalogues.

Email marketing

We send out 78 K newsletters per month, allowing us to reach our registered users in a targeted way.

B2B administration

We provide partners with an administration environment where they can manage their content and don't have to run their own website.

Personal approach

We treat each partner individually. We make a customized offer for them and provide the necessary support and service.

Your administration environment

Working with us also offers you a simple administration environment that allows you to manage your content and reach new customers.

Adding offers

In your B2B account you can upload and edit your content - flyers, offers, product feeds. Your offer is immediately available to customers after processing. If your campaign starts later, you can also use the scheduling of its publication.

Branch management

You have the ability to create and edit your store branches and assign your offers to them.

Access to statistics

Statistics allow you to track the success of your campaigns and compare how they are performing against campaigns within the same category.

How we will proceed?

Let us know

Fill out the contact form and we will prepare an offer specifically for your needs.

Creating an account

We will register you in the B2B interface and you will receive access to your account by email.

Two months free

You get to use our site for two months or 10,000 views for FREE - depending on which comes first.

Taking advantage

You take full advantage of B2B administration to reach new customers with us.